Preface of the Quran miracles in morality PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Reza Haghpanah

Staff member of Razavi Islamic studies University

Mahdi Ebadi

M.A. of Razavi Islamic studies University


One of the important performances of the Quran is morality, which is a light of The Quran miracle. This article discuses about this miracle aspect of The Quran and surveys the manner and the unique way of expressing it. With Studying of concepts and expressing the place of morality in the Quran, The different views of these aspects will discuss.

With analyzing these opinions, we find out two sights of the Quran miracles in morality.

First: The important function of Quran in making the immoral society to a moral society.

Second: The Quran displays the highest morality system that is in topmost place of the other morality systems.


Key words: Qur’an, treatment, Ethics, Ethical miracle.