Miracle of the Qur’an in educational science PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali Reazaei Isfahani

Associate Professor, Al Mustafa International University (MIU)


The Qur’an is a miracle from various points of view. Such as miracle of eloquence, miracle of legislation, scientific miracle and etc and its scientific miracle are of various dimensions that include the miracle of education, management and etc. In this paper, the educational miracle of the Qur’an has been studied and analysed and after mentioning its origin and history the three dimensional miracle of education has been pointed out. Firstly, the miracle in educational composition that is a kind of prediction, Secondly miracle in propounding an educational system superior to other educational systems of the world  and thirdly, the impact and influence of the Qur’an in revolutionizing an educational environment within an ignorant society. Furthermore, some instances of this educational miracle of the Qur’an like that of chapter Beqra verse number 233 has been analysed and studied.

Key words: Qur’an, Education, Miracle, Educational miracle