Analysis of Ethical miracle of the Qur’an PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Mohammad Javad Eskandalo

Member of scientific assembly of JMA

Akbar Mahmudi

Level Four of Houza (equivalent to Ph. D level)


Ethical miracle of the Qur’an is one it’s various dimensions of miracle. The first person who pointed this out was Allama Majlisi and after him Allama Balaghi identified it. This article aims to claim that some verses of the Qur’an exist explicitly deal with the ethical and moral aspect that indicates the ethical miracle in the revealed book.

The ethical miracle of the Qur’an should be identified from three different dimensions: Firstly, through observing the comprehensive ethical compositions of the Qur’an. Secondly, in the ethical system of the Qur’an it has its own principle and fundamentals that is superior to other schools of ethics or morality. And thirdly, its impact on history and creation of a society based on ethical revolution in the beginning of Islam and its addressees. The author furthermore, substantiates the ethical miracle by explaining outstanding qualities and presenting some examples of high ethical personalities and also mentions the need of maintaining chastity and has critically analysed it. However, expounding the view of ethical miracle of the Qur’an need to be researched.

Key words: Qur’an, Miracle, Ethics, Ethical miracle