Source of the Qur’an and Social sciences PDF Print E-mail

Prepared by: The group of the Qur’an and science

Al Mahdi Qur’anic centre of research

Hussain Fakhrzareye, Fazil Hesami and Mojtaba Ruhani zadeh


In this paper, the sources of interdisciplinary study of the Qur’an and social sciences, under various classifications, have been introduced; Firstly the books, secondly exegesis, thirdly periodicals and fourthly sites and weblogs.

Although, this paper also gives a report of the titles of articles related to social sciences occurred in the encyclopaedia of Islam, Leiden.

It is worthy to mention that the academic importance of these sources are not same as the level of it connectivity with the Qur’an is not the same. Therefore, its measured value and assessment is left to the readers.

These sources of references have been compiled under the supervision of al Mahdi Qur’anic centre of research.

Key words: Qur’an, Sources, Social sciences.