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Approaches to Theorizing About the Verses Pertaining to Decision-making in Sources on Islamic Management*

Amirali Lotfi**

Abdul Hashim Mirza***


Decision-making is the essence and heart of management and organization; so much so that it is a subject that is widely discussed in the science of management, and a number works have been authored on it in the field of Islamic management as well. When we examine the research that has been carried out and published in books, articles, and scientific journals, we find that Qur’anic verses that are cited by researchers in the field of decision-making are classifiable into certain categories – and this is what we have done in the present paper. The purpose of this study is to determine the “quantity”, “quality” and level of “Qur’anic references on decision-making” in the sources on Islamic management. This research was carried out using software that combs through magazines and library databases through the method of meta-analysis. The results of the research show that in terms of “quantity”, a considerable number of verses in thirty different sources are cited on the subject of decision-making, and as far as the subject is concerned, taking into account repetition, 104 rubrics have been extracted from these verses in the sources, which have been classified into ten distinct categories in this article. However, in terms of the analytical level and the construction of a “Qur’anic theory,” the discussions have been analyzed on three levels, wherein verses are mostly cited as corroboration and confirmation, while in the theorizing itself, it is almost possible to say that they have not been discussed at all. From this author’s point of view, the theorizing in these sources has not been carried out with a Qur’anic approach, and the Qur’an has only been cited for corroboration and confirmation. Hence, there are no instances of theorization in the field of decision-making from the perspective of the Qur’an to date.


Keywords: Qur’an, verses pertaining to decision-making, Islamic management.


*. Date of receiving: 1 July 2017, Date of approval: 16 September 2017.

**. Assistant Lecturer, al-Mustafa (s) International University

***. PhD. Student of Qur’an and Science, al-Mustafa International University. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )