11th special journal of Qur'an and Science has been published. PDF Print E-mail

11th special  journal of  Qur'an and Science has been published.
The papers of  this issue are as follow: ...

Systematic relationship between general system of international law and subsystem of Law Treaties in the Quran and international law / 11-42
Dr. Muhammad Ali Rezaei Isfahani  and Hameed Reza Tusi
Legislation in the Quran and Human-made schools of thought / 43-64

Dr. Sayyed Ahmad Mir Khalili and Majid Muhammad Zadah
A comparative study of children's rights in the Quran and the Convention on the Rights of the Child / 65-86

Dr. Javad Irwani and Mahdi Ebadi
Methodology of legal interpretation /87-122
Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Karimi Niya
The Quran and Political freedom / 123-159
Dr. Najaf Lakzai and Nasrallah Nazari
Pathology of David Waines' research on agriculture and vegetation in the Quran / 161-180
Dr. Hasan Rezaii Haftadar  and Mahdi Hemmatyan
Sourcology of Quran and Medicine  /181-188

Dr. Ghulam Reza Noor Muhammadi and Abbas Ali Washian