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The Relation between Quranic Statements and Scientific Statements

Dr. Hamid Faqfoor Maqrebi

(Staff member of Shahid Beheshti University)


The relation between Quranic statements, especially Quran’s scientific statements, and the statements of sciences is nowadays a theological-Quranic subject.

The term science, in its special meaning, means experimental sciences (natural sciences and humanities) and Quran is revelatory texts brought by prophet of Islam (peace b e upon Him) but interpreter’s understandings might be different.

The main statements of Quran have guiding aspects and its scientific statements are introductions and minors for its main statements.

This article considers possible relations between Quran’s statements and the science’s statements and the following relations are investigated: relation of being complement, relation of unity and correspondence, relation of being different. It is then shown that there will never be a real contradiction between the two types of statements.

Key expressions: Quran, science, relation, contradiction, scientific exegesis.

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