Semiotics and Quran’s Interpretation پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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Semiotics and Quran’s Interpretation

Dr. Alireza Qa’emi-nia

(Staff member of Baqer-ol-Oloom University)


In this article the essence and applications of semiotics are explained and the role of people such as D - saussure, Izutso, and pierce is pointed out.

Semiotics which is rooted in Greek philosophers’ writings such as Plato appeared as an independent knowledge in the twentieth century and considering this aspect, it is similar to many sciences such as hermeneutics, epistemology and etc.

This knowledge has produced other profound sciences in various fields such as linguistics, philosophy and its various branches, religious studies and interpretation of holy texts and etc. and has turned out as an unavoidable field in these studies.

Semiotics has some applications in Quran’s interpretation as well, which some examples of them will be mentioned in this article. Also the effect of Semiotics on the semantic system, methodology and multiplication of Quran’s meaning will be investigated.

Key expressions: Quran, semiotics, linguistics, interpretation.

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