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The Relation between Quran and Jurisprudence

Dr. Mohammad Faker Meibodi

(Assistant Professor of Universal Centre of Islamic Sciences)


After introducing the most important works in the field of Quranic jurisprudential research and defining some concepts, the writer of this article has paid attention to the position of jurisprudence amongst other sciences.

According to a division of ancestors, jurisprudence is a branch of narrative sciences which is a kind of religious science in the field of non- rational - sciences According to another division of ancestors, it is one of the five main branches of science, and according to division of new scholars, it is part of humanities.

Considering the subject of having jurisprudential verses in Quran, the writer believes that Quran is the founder of jurisprudence and gives its principles in the form of jurisprudential-law verses and jurisprudential-rule verses. It also authenticates and validates jurisprudential sources such as reason and the infallibles’ sayings. Regarding the amount of Quran’s jurisprudential verses, the writer believes that Quran somehow considers all the present jurisprudential chapters in jurisprudence and law.

Quran’s jurisprudential verses is a field that both jurisprudence and interpretation interfere and thus a researcher of this field should know the principles of both of them and consider these principles: Quran can be interpreted, interpretation is advisable, literal meaning of verses are accepted, and Quran’s verses are legislative. Finally the writer explains Quran’s methods of saying injunctions: first is the verbal method which presents it in the form of words, expressions and explanation styles in legislation. Second is the behavioral method which is a Quranic legislation style and includes: gradual declaration of injunctions, stating delicately and tenderly, stating along with philosophy of the injunction, and adaptional, foundational, ratifying and emphasizing styles. And third is motivating method in which the dominant atmosphere on Quran’s jurisprudence is servitude and the essence of Quranic law is justice.

Key expression: Quran, jurisprudence, law, interpretation, injunctions.

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